7 Best Coffee Shops in Franklin, TN

Janelle Waggener


As hard-working homeowners move to new areas, adjusting to their new city takes time. When buying homes for sale in Franklin County, TN, caffeine lovers need to know the top local coffee places. Once you’ve conquered the Franklin housing market, check out these fantastic options to find your new go-to drink place.

Frothy Monkey

With a fun name like Frothy Monkey, this Tennessee-grown business turns many heads. Happily, it has the delicious brew to back up that intrigue. Some of their best java drinks include the Monkey Mocha and the Havana Latte.

Frothy Monkey is a jack-of-all-trades kind of cafe. While they are named after and known for their hot beverages, they also sell bakery goods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This selection includes craft beer, wine, and cocktails, too. Priding itself on food made from scratch, Frothy Monkey invests in local farmers and serves high-quality ingredients.

Whether you’re joining the Franklin, TN, housing market or are visiting Nashville or Chattanooga, there's a Frothy Monkey nearby, and it's open all day.

The Coffee House at Second and Bridge

Looking for a Franklin classic? Head to The Coffee House at Second and Bridge, a downtown staple. When looking at homes for sale in Franklin County, TN, there's no place quite like downtown to start your new life and enjoy the best cups of coffee.

The Coffee House is a smorgasbord of local food and entertainment. They're known for letting local musicians play in the shop and serving coffee basics and specials, like the Sweater Weather Latte. They also offer a shop that sells artist pieces and other local goodies.

For delicious take-out, drive-thru, or eat-in fare, head to The Coffee House to brighten your day — or drink some coffee to make it feel a little better!

Honest Coffee Roasters

Like its name, Honest Coffee Roasters works hard to have integrity in its brews by working with farmers to create the best quality coffee possible. Here, it’s all about grinding up the most decadent flavors. You can order a single cup or buy an entire bag of their different roasts, with favorites including the likes of the Half-Truth and Marcala Farm Project. If you want to know more about brewing, you can also take coffee knowledge courses here.

You'll be hit with rich, warm aromas and good music when you step into their store. Also, if you like the tunes, check out their shop’s personal Spotify playlist of the day. After a long day in the Franklin housing market, anyone can appreciate an honest cup of coffee.

High Brow Coffee and Tea

If you’re looking for a coffee shop built by a history of small businesses, check out High Brow Coffee and Tea. The owner, Dustin, was raised by small business owners. Though he spent a decade as a musician, in 2016, he bought one of the many homes for sale in Franklin County, TN, and settled down to make coffee.

With a sophisticated blend of quality, local southern ingredients, and great recipes, everything at High Brow is truly high brow. For example, some local favorites on the menu include their Bourbon Caramel Latte, Spicy Mocha, and their Drip. The Drip is a cup of whatever daily special blend they’ve roasted. Regarding food, treat yourself to a delicious tomato and goat cheese quiche or their Ellie’s Doughnuts.

Coffee and Coconuts

Regarding homes for sale in Franklin County, TN, there are few nicer and newer places to live than the Berry Farms development, a commercial and residential zone built for leisure and living. Also, for caffeine lovers, the area comes with Coffee and Coconuts. With organic and locally-sourced ingredients at the forefront, enjoy everything this wonderful little sun parlor has to offer.

Some of the best items on the menu include drinks like cold brew or turmeric lattes, and their overnight oats and breakfast paninis are quality, too. Even their acai is organic and sourced directly from Brazil.

Merridee’s Breadbasket

Being a coffee lover isn’t all about the gorgeous dark roasts and rich flavors (though they are a big part of it). The food you eat alongside your beverages can be just as vital. Are you a pain au chocolat die-hard? Or more of an egg and cheese bagel fanatic? Whichever brand of morning person you are, Merridee’s Breadbasket offers some of the best food and brew options among all the coffee places in the Franklin housing market.

While featured in Southern Living Magazine and winning the Sizzle Award from Southern Exposure Magazine, this bakery is more impressive because of its dynamic offerings. At their store, they offer a different flavored coffee each day. It's perfect for pairing with baked goods. For example, their Thursday special is currently Hawaiian Hazelnut, which would go great with a fruit turnover.

With a wide array of breakfast, lunch, and other offerings to make this a genuinely stellar restaurant, Merridee’s is the perfect place to balance great coffee with even greater sweets and eats.

The Good Cup

All about getting involved, The Good Cup prioritizes cozy vibes and community. Though their ingredients are high quality, their shop cares more about warm pastry, kind smiles, and local events and charities that bring everyone together. For example, the proceeds of their shop help support several families in need in the Middle East and Africa.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on what to order, some of the top drinks are the Good & Plenty, the Milky Way Mocha, and the Cuban Espresso. However, you can never go wrong with a vegan wrap and a homemade bagel.

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